Nick Evans, Fundraising & Partnerships Lead at RNLI, shares his failure story of a self-confessed (and reforming) 'arrogant man in leadership'.

In this episode, Nick shares his experience as a newish leader obsessed with numbers and oblivious to humility - and how an apology that came six months too late affected his team.

How can we become braver to show more vulnerability, and what does it mean to be a good leader when uncertainty shakes your own fears of failure?


Recorded in April 2020 I talk to epic human and activist, Ruby Bayley-Pratt, about owning failure and how safe or comfortable it is for marginalised groups to proudly and confidently claim their failures.

Is celebrating failure reserved for the privileged? And what can we do to create equitable work-places where people can be their genuine selves?

This week has seen the increase in solidarity from around the world with our black friends, neighbours, colleagues and strangers. A surge of #BlackLivesMatter posts and interest in how we can improve as allies and understand more about being anti-racist.

But the social media posts and brand statements mean nothing if we don't challenge injustice in the real world with friends, neighbours, colleagues and strangers.

From personal experience, and from talking to others wanting to improve, the fear of saying something wrong when talking about race and racism prevents from saying nothing at all.

But now is not the time for silence.

I'm sharing with you some self-learned tips to get over your fear and become part of the solution, the positive change that will not happen overnight and which we will have to continue to challenge for a while to come.

Additional resources referenced in the podcast are here:


10 steps to non-optical allyship:

75 things white people can do for racial justice:

Anti-racism resources for white people:*Vh_oxN7O5RnnDVQZdJx5Yg


And please do share your own with me.

How can a conversation and a slice of pizza kick-start a cultural change that can lead to positive changes and even better outcomes?

Today I chat with Charity People's Amelia Lee about fear of failure in charity recruitment.

Amelia shares her personal story with failure and the changes made at a personal and organisational level and gives tips for furloughed fundraisers and managers recruiting fresh faces to the team in a new, socially distanced-world of working.

April 14, 2020

The Pressure of Perfect

In this open conversation with Kishshana Palmer, we explore the reality of 'the pressure of perfect' and how the unrealistic expectations we place on ourselves can make us stuck or burned out.

Kishshana Palmer is a national speaker, trainer and coach with a 17-year background in fundraising, marketing and talent management.

Oh, and she's a bloody awesome human.



GivePenny's Founder & CEO, Lee Clarke, joins us on today's episode to share his learnings from founding a start-up, the importance of keeping it real, and why inviting failure can push you to great things.

How can you use those rejections and challenges to achieve great things?

A relevant topic for charities everywhere, Lee also shares ways to run virtual events and give supporters a new way of donating that fits with their needs.

Find GivePenny (& Lee) at - definitely not by email... 

Feeling fear is good - as long as it's pushing you towards growth and a better version of yourself.

Fundraising extraordinaire, Lucy Gower, talks us through her top tips for building confidence and increasing your resilience.

How do you create a failure safe environment where innovation and creativity can thrive?

Listen to today's episode to find out.

March 2, 2020

Failing to Plan

Lightful's Relationship Manager, Tom Defraine, shares his failure story in today's Pizza for Losers Podcast.


One hundred face-to-face fundraisers, one trip to Bristol, and nowhere to sleep. What happens when you fail to plan and what's the best way to fix it?


Listen to today's slice of fundraising failure to find out more.

"I looked up 'Trustee' & nobody looked like me"

In this week's episode, Trustee of Muslim Youth Helpline and Pizza for Losers 2019 Alumni, Daniyal Gilani, tells his story of his failed charity start-up.

What impact does it have on donations, staff or beneficiaries when you don't see yourself or your own experiences reflected in those making the decisions?

Listen, learn, and take action.

In this episode, COCO charity CEO and northern star, Lucy Kendall, shares her failure story from her fundraising days.

What happens when you're so busy showing supporters what to do, you forget to do it yourself?

Listen to episode 3 of the Pizza for Losers Podcast to find out.

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